Note: Due to its age and historical significance Dundreich's exhibition appearances will be strictly limited in number and it will only be available on special request.


Built by: P. D. Hancock
Scale: '009' & '00' [4mm Scale on 9mm & 16.5mm gauges ].

P D Hancock.jpg

Philip David [PD] Hancock [1928 - 2011] is considered by many to be the pioneer of narrow gauge railway modelling in 4mm to 1 foot scale on 9mm gauge track better known today as 009 scale. He was a founder member of the Edinburgh and Lothians Miniature Railway Club and after his death Dundreich, a small section from the final version of his Craigshire layout, was presented to the Club. This has been restored to conserve it and allow it to be shown at exhibitions.

Over the years he built three distinct versions of his layout set in the fictional south east of Scotland county of Craigshire in his Edinburgh tenement flat bedroom.
Crest The first layout, started in 1949, consisted almost entirely of the 4mm scale / 009 Craig and Mertonford Light Railway [CMR]. The CMR was possibly the first 009 layout ever built and probably the first significant British narrow gauge layout. The CMR had its own Official Charter, history and characters, including Lord Craig its chairman. Craigshire developed into a combined standard and narrow gauge layout with a tramway, harbour, town scene and a ruined castle.
Following redecoration of the bedroom in 1961 the second version of the layout was built. There was however no harbour and with more emphasis on the standard gauge and a reduced narrow gauge element PD was forced to assure his many fans that 'this line (the CMR) was not to close'.
About 1975 the layout was rebuilt for a third time after the room was again redecorated. This layout resembled the original Craig; the harbour re-appeared and there was a narrow gauge line from a pier station at Craig to Dundreich. The standard gauge station at Craig disappeared and the standard gauge trains ran around the room via a fiddle yard with sidings and a locomotive shed at the harbour. The layout was dismantled for the last time in 1987 when PD moved from his tenement flat to a bungalow.

A prolific writer his first article appeared in the Model Railway News in April 1948, however from 1950 onwards he wrote almost exclusively for the Railway Modeller. The first article on the CMR, 'Why Not a Narrow Gauge Layout?', appeared in Vol. 1 No. 7 in Oct 1950 and the last, 'A Farewell to Craigshire?', in Feb 1993. In 1975 a detailed account of the CMR, 'Narrow Gauge Adventure', was published by PECO and has since been revised and reprinted.


Photographs of the restored Dundreich taken in 2018

Photographs of Dundreich taken at the 009 Society 40th Anniversary Convention, Kegworth in 2013 by Mick Thornton and featured on Mick's Roving Reporter Blogspot