Member's Layouts

In addition to working on the club's layouts many of the club members build their own. Some photographs of these are shown below.

Mr. Szandi's Place

Scale 'S:6.5' [3/16 inch to 1 foot on 6.5mm gauge]
Built by: Bill Blackwood

For those who are unsure of the difference between a model railway and a miniature railway this layout is designed to turn doubt into total confusion. It is both, that is to say it is a model of a miniature railway. The layout is built in 'S' scale (1:64) on 'Z' gauge track representing a 405mm (16 inch) gauge line.

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Scale HO & HOe [3.5mm scale on 16.5mm & 9mm gauges]
Built by: Timothy Gooddy

Layout Data Sheet

Nonndorf is the terminus of a branch line of the Austrian Federal Railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen). Adjoining the station are the platforms of a narrow gauge line, which represents the 760mm gauge common for such railways in the former Austro-Hungarian empire. Standard and narrow gauge share a dual gauge three rail section over a viaduct before diverging. The layout is built in sections and is available for exhibitions.

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Scale 'HOe' [3.5mm scale on 9mm gauge]
Built by: Jeremy Christie

Layout Data Sheet

Schmalzberg represents a preserved German narrow gauge railway. It has no particular prototype, but is loosely based on lines such as the DEV (Deutscher Eisenbahn-Verein), at Bruchhausen-Vilsen south of Bremen and the Selfkantbahn near Aachen. Some features are taken from other German narrow gauge railways; street running is a feature of the 'Mollibahn' in Bad Doberan near Rostock.

Unlike in Wales where most narrow gauge railways were built to serve a single industry, the German lines are usually secondary railways serving the general traffic of the area like any branch line in this country. Goods traffic is usually handled by loading the standard gauge wagons onto transporter wagons known as 'Rollwagon'.


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