Scale: ’00’ [4mm Scale on 16.5mm gauge].

Layout Data Sheet

The period is British Railways days, just before the Beeching era. The passenger and pick-up goods trains still travel their way along the line as they have done for years. While the occasional diesel might be seen there is no sign of the sweeping changes the next decade will bring.

Glendevon depicts a supposed ex North British Railway branch line leading off the Devon Valley Line that ran between Alloa and Kinross in Scotland. Like most of our layouts the period modelled is the 1950s and early 60s. There is a village called Glendevon in the area, at the south end of Glen Eagles, but the layout and village we have built is a fiction.

The layout is modular in that it can be assembled in a number of ways. It can be shown with just the Glendevon Station section. Glendevon Station can also be assembled with a separate scene depicting a halt and Brewery or with our Yetts o’ Muckhart layout.

A challenge with modelling Scottish railways in this period is that the Scottish companies are not supported by the Ready to Run manufacturers. Some of the LNER, LMS and BR Standard engines which ran in Scotland are available, as are many diesel classes, but not the pre-group steam locomotives which remained in service to the end of steam. Fortunately kits are available for many of these classes. Because of this many of the locomotives used on the layout are kit-built and some others have been converted from R-T-R models. The rolling stock is a mixture of kit and ready to run models of types that would have been found in the area.

In addition to the trains, the layout features working signals and
hand-built buildings modelled on those characteristic of Fife.
Control is conventional DC cab control. The signals are operated either by solenoid coils or modified miniature relays.

  • A view of Glendevon Village.
    A view of Glendevon Village.